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Mobile Ip Address Assignment By Country

When North Korea's connection to the global Internet stopped working last month, one particularly eye-popping detail emerged. Despite being home to 25 million people, the Hermit Kingdom has barely more than a thousand Internet protocol addresses. IP addresses are a bit like Social Security numbers, used to identify every device — from laptops to mobile phones to gaming systems — connected to the Internet. How many exist per person around the planet paints a picture of just how unevenly the Internet is distributed today.

By Darla Cameron and Nancy Scola, Published: Jan. 7, 2015

How IP addresses are distributed

One or more IP address per person

About one IP address

Two to 36 IP addresses

Less than one IP address per person

Two to 10 people

11 to 50 people

51 to 24,440 people

IP addresses per person

Using IP addresses to judge the intensity of a population’s Internet experience is inexact. Some countries have an abundance of addresses because they claimed them early on, when there was thought to be an inexhaustible supply. North Korea, some researchers believe, might be tapping China’s pool of addresses. And none of the analysts we spoke with were able to explain why, exactly, the highest per-person numbers in the world are put up by the Vatican and the tourist destination Seychelles. But, says Geoff Huston, chief scientist at the Asia-Pacific Information Center, which distributes IP addresses in that part of the world, "the number of addresses per capita shows a lot about the degree to which a nation is capable of capitalizing on an information economy."

United States

Home to the Internet’s invention, the United States is the world’s only member of the “Billion IP Address Club.” It is also a strong performer per capita, with five available IP addresses per person.

South Korea

Highly wired South Korea has two IP addresses per person.


Russia, meanwhile, under-represents with just one-third of an IP address per person; perhaps relatedly, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the Internet "a CIA project."


And China has one-quarter of an IP address for each of its 1.4 billion people.

North Korea

Meanwhile, with the fewest total IP addresses of any non-island nation, North Korea has one address for every 24,000 people.

North Korea has one IP address for every 24,000 people.

Note: These infographics represent only IPv4 addresses, the most widely-used IP address format on the Internet. They also indicate addresses that have been assigned to each country by one of the five regional IP-allocating authorities but aren't necessarily in use.
SOURCE: Iljitsch van Beijnum, a researcher in the Netherlands, compiled the IP address data.

This is a list of countries by IPv4 address allocation, as of 2 April 2012[update]. It includes 252 areas, including all United Nations member states, plus the Holy See, Kosovo and Taiwan.

There are 232 (over four billion) IP addresses in the IPv4 protocol. Of these, almost 600 million are reserved and cannot be used for public routing.[1] The rest are allocated to countries by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) via the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).[2]

RankCountry or entityIP addresses[3] %Population
(mostly 2012)[4]
IP addresses
per 1000
1 United States1,541,605,76035.9313,847,4654,911.96
2 China330,321,4087.71,343,239,923245.91
3 Japan202,183,1684.7127,368,0881,587.39
4 United Kingdom123,500,1442.963,047,1621,958.85
5 Germany118,132,1042.881,305,8561,452.93
6 Korea, South112,239,1042.648,860,5002,297.13
7 France95,078,0322.265,630,6921,448.68
8 Canada79,989,7601.934,300,0832,332.06
9 Italy50,999,7121.261,261,254832.50
10 Brazil48,572,1601.1205,716,890236.11
11 Australia47,573,2481.122,015,5762,160.89
12 Netherlands46,379,7841.116,730,6322,772.15
13 Russia42,762,7841.0138,082,178309.69
14 Taiwan35,383,0400.823,113,9011,530.81
15 India34,685,9520.81,205,073,61228.78
16 Sweden30,373,5440.79,103,7883,336.36
17 Spain28,421,7600.747,042,984604.17
18 Mexico25,862,9120.6114,975,406224.94
19  Switzerland20,872,6960.57,655,6282,726.45
20 South Africa20,386,5600.548,810,427417.67
21 Poland19,433,1920.538,415,284505.87
22 Indonesia17,360,6400.4248,216,19369.94
23 Vietnam15,530,4960.491,519,289169.70
24 Turkey15,393,7280.479,749,461193.03
25 Norway15,259,3120.44,707,2703,241.65
26 Argentina14,547,9680.342,192,494344.80
27 Finland13,553,8560.35,262,9302,575.34
28 Romania12,718,5920.321,848,504582.13
29 Denmark12,280,3040.35,543,4532,215.28
 Hong Kong11,777,0240.37,153,5191,646.33
30 Austria11,312,0960.38,219,7431,376.21
31 Ukraine11,242,8160.344,854,065250.65
32 Belgium11,148,9920.310,438,3531,068.08
33 Colombia8,834,8160.245,239,079195.29
34 Thailand8,547,8400.267,091,089127.41
 European Union8,493,5680.2503,824,37316.86
35 Egypt8,454,1440.283,688,164101.02
36 Czech Republic8,044,1600.210,177,300790.40
37 Israel7,573,8240.27,590,758997.77
38 Chile7,390,4640.217,067,369433.02
39 New Zealand6,954,4960.24,327,9441,606.88
40 Malaysia6,322,4320.129,179,952216.67
41 Ireland5,963,2800.14,722,0281,262.86
42 Portugal5,833,5040.110,781,459541.07
43 Singapore5,719,5520.15,353,4941,068.38
44 Greece5,549,5680.110,767,827515.38
45 Saudi Arabia5,504,2560.126,534,504207.44
46 Hungary5,485,5680.19,958,453550.85
47 Philippines5,404,6720.1103,775,00252.08
48 Iran5,260,8000.178,868,71166.70
49 Pakistan5,179,9040.1190,291,12927.22
50 Venezuela5,045,2480.128,047,938179.88
51 Bulgaria4,374,0320.17,053,747621.49
52 Morocco3,457,7920.132,309,239107.02
53 United Arab Emirates2,838,4000.15,314,317534.10
54 Tunisia2,729,2160.110,732,900254.29
55 Algeria2,616,8320.135,406,30373.91
56 Slovakia2,555,3920.15,483,088466.05
57 Slovenia2,525,0560.11,996,6171,264.67
58 Kazakhstan2,514,9440.117,522,010143.53
59 Peru2,437,1200.129,549,51782.48
60 Lithuania2,240,2560.13,525,761635.40
61 Croatia2,042,4320.04,480,043455.90
62 Serbia2,022,1440.07,276,604277.90
63 Costa Rica1,944,8320.04,636,348419.47
64 Kuwait1,885,1840.02,646,314712.38
65 Ecuador1,857,2800.015,223,680122.00
66 Belarus1,776,6400.09,542,883186.17
67 Latvia1,659,3280.02,191,580757.14
68 Kenya1,655,0400.043,013,34138.48
69 Panama1,573,3760.03,510,045448.25
70 Luxembourg1,299,4560.0509,0742,552.59
71 Estonia1,205,5600.01,274,709945.75
72 Uruguay1,180,4160.03,316,328355.94
73 Cyprus1,136,8960.01,138,071998.97
74 Georgia1,014,7840.04,570,934222.01
75 Nigeria1,005,3120.0170,123,7405.91
 Puerto Rico1,000,7040.03,998,905250.24
76 Bangladesh924,1600.0161,083,8045.74
77 Dominican Republic857,6000.010,088,59885.01
78 Syria824,3200.022,530,74636.59
79 Iceland814,5920.0313,1832,601.01
80 Qatar808,9600.01,951,591414.51
81 Moldova733,4400.03,656,843200.57
82 Bosnia and Herzegovina728,8320.04,622,292157.68
83 Jordan663,9360.06,508,887102.00
84 Macedonia, Republic of657,6640.02,082,370315.82
85 Oman619,5200.03,090,150200.48
86 El Salvador575,7440.06,090,64694.53
87 Bolivia561,9200.010,290,00354.61
88 Malta556,5440.0409,8361,357.97
89 Guatemala552,1920.014,099,03239.17
90 Sri Lanka534,2720.021,481,33424.87
91 Armenia525,0880.02,970,495176.77
92 Azerbaijan517,1200.09,493,60054.47
 Palestinian Territory510,7200.04,332,801117.87
93 Mauritius496,6400.01,313,095378.22
94   Nepal475,9040.029,890,68615.92
95 Trinidad and Tobago470,0160.01,226,383383.25
96 Bahrain465,9200.01,248,348373.23
97 Lebanon457,7280.04,140,289110.55
98 Nicaragua369,4080.05,727,70764.49
99 Paraguay365,3120.06,541,59155.84
100 Mozambique343,2960.023,515,93414.60
101 Tanzania339,7120.043,601,7967.79
102 Ghana332,5440.025,241,99813.17
103 Albania323,8400.03,002,859107.84
104 Angola311,8080.018,056,07217.27
 Netherlands Antilles[a]308,9920.0287,2441,075.71
105 Libya299,0080.06,733,62044.41
106 Senegal293,2480.012,969,60622.61
107 Sudan &  South Sudan283,9040.044,831,8866.33
108 Iraq243,7120.031,129,2257.83
109 Uzbekistan231,4240.028,394,1808.15
110 Kyrgyzstan231,1680.05,496,73742.06
111 Cambodia225,5360.014,952,66515.08
112 Uganda208,6400.035,873,2535.82
113 Kosovo205,0560.01,836,529111.65
114 Jamaica202,7520.02,889,18770.18
115 Mongolia201,9840.03,179,99763.52
116 Namibia199,1680.02,165,82891.96
117 Rwanda195,8400.011,689,69616.75
118 Brunei192,5120.0408,786470.94
119 Montenegro171,5200.0657,394260.91
120 Gabon169,4720.01,608,321105.37
121 Zambia162,8160.014,309,46611.38
 New Caledonia150,5280.0260,166578.58
122 Honduras143,6160.08,296,69317.31
123 Barbados140,0320.0287,733486.67
124 Cameroon137,7280.020,129,8786.84
125 Fiji134,6560.0890,057151.29
126 Côte d'Ivoire133,6320.021,952,0936.09
127 Haiti124,1600.09,801,66412.67
128 Bahamas, The121,8560.0316,182385.40
129 Cuba113,6640.011,075,24410.26
130 Afghanistan103,7440.030,419,9283.41
131 Botswana100,0960.02,098,01847.71
 Virgin Islands, U.S.87,0400.0109,574794.35
132 Zimbabwe86,0160.012,619,6006.82
133 Malawi79,6160.016,323,0444.88
134 Liechtenstein69,4080.036,7131,890.56
135 Tajikistan67,3280.07,768,3858.67
136 Saint Kitts and Nevis62,4640.050,7261,231.40
137 Madagascar62,2080.022,585,5172.75
138 Belize61,9520.0327,719189.04
139 Monaco57,8560.030,5101,896.30
140 Antigua and Barbuda57,3440.089,018644.18
141 Laos54,7840.06,586,2668.32
142 Maldives53,760

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