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My Pleasant Dream Essay Spm Speech

I had a pleasant dream last night. I went to bed late and was fast asleep. Suddenly, I felt that I was in fairyland. There was a big garden. The flowers were blooming. The fairies were singing beautiful songs. One fairy came to me and greeted me with a sweet smile. She offered me a small chair to sit on and enjoy the dance. Then I saw a little child playing on the flute. He arrived in the midst of the fairies. There were some dwarfs and elves sitting nearby. There was a beautiful river. The Sun was shiny and a cool breeze was blowing.

I sat under a shady tree. The tree was laden with fruits. The child brought some fruits for me. Then they again started singing and dancing. It was a beautiful scene.

When I was taking fruit and enjoying dancing, suddenly woke up. My mother asked me to get up and prepare for school. Dreams, whether good or bad, always have an ending of such type only. 

Generally dreams are the results of our thoughts which we have in our mind. The things or ideas that strike our minds which we cannot display in the day, appear in form of dream when we sleep.

Generally we see dreams when we sleep at night. During the examination days a student dreams of papers and results.

Sometime, we dream of those things which have no relation with our profession or day to day matters. Last night, I also saw a dream. It is still fresh in my memory.

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In the dream I saw that one day I was going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in the company of my friends. Near the bus stand of Agra I was attracted by some persons selling lottery tickets.

Much against the will of my firm I bought a lottery ticket of Haryana government. I never thought that I would win the lottery.

When its result appeared in Nav Bharat Times I was very anxious to see my number. At once I purchased a newspaper. I first of all began to see the series of lottery number.

All of a sudden my friend’s eyes fell on my number and he told me to see it- My joy knew no bounds when I saw my number and won a lottery of one lakh (lac).

I did the necessary formalities and received the amount I started thinking how to use the amount for the welfare of the public J did not think it proper to use the whole of the amount for personal good.

I belong to a poor and backward village. There is no primary school so far in this village. So most of the children go without education.

They remain illiterate. So first act of public good which I dreamt was to open primary school in my village. I dreamt that the school would remove the illiteracy from the village. They would bless me for doing a generous deed.

In my village people are generally poor. Some of them have no clothes even to cover their bodies. In the dream I made arrangements for the free distribution of blankets and other clothes for all the poor and needy persons.

In the dream I also thought to help persons, whom I was thinking of low caste. I thought to spend the rest of the money on myself. Instead of thinking further. I heard the call from my mother to leave the bed.

I awoke at the call of my mother. I found myself that I was lying on the bare cot. No change was there in my poor condition.

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