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Grid Coursework

Goals of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program has eight goals focused on preparing advanced practice nurses (approved by graduate voting faculty October 2012) who are able to:

  1. Provide advanced nursing care to individuals, families, communities, and/or populations.
  2. Create, manage, and evaluate innovative programs and practices of care for diverse populations.
  3. Appraise and utilize current technologies to advance the quality and accessibility of care.
  4. Demonstrate enhanced clinical and health-related investigative competencies.
  5. Critique and selectively translate science to guide clinical decision-making and program development.
  6. Evaluate and influence health policy and systems.
  7. Provide leadership and inter-professional collaboration in multiple health-related arenas.
  8. Evaluate and influence accessibility and quality of care across diverse, underserved and vulnerable populations.

Program completion

Curriculum grids

Financial support

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