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Challenges Faced By Managers Essays

Challenges Managers Face Essay

Over the last few decades, the process of globalization has created unprecedented opportunities for global business investment and trade. Many multinational companies are attempting to expand their business international

Conducting a business is not an easy task. There are abundant of matters that have to be taken account into while managing a business and challengers that managers encounter in the process. Let's look at 5 challengers that managers are constantly facing. First and foremost, culture is one of the biggest challengers managers are encountering. Different countries have different cultures for instance, in Mediterranean European countries, Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa, it is normal, or at least widely tolerated, to arrive half an hour late for a dinner invitation, whereas in Germany and Switzerland this would be extremely rude.

Culture determines the habits, holidays, behaviours and consumer preferences of every society. Therefore, while executing business strategies in foreign countries, managers should consider and study all the cultural characteristics of the targeted society. For example, Upjohn Company of the United States and Pharmacia AB of Sweden (with operations in Italy) are two pharmaceutical firms which merged in 1995. However, most of the month of July Sweden takes off for their annual vacation and Italians took off for most of the month of August for their annual vacation. US executives scheduled meetings in the summer only to have to cancel many because their European counterparts were at the beach. . As the more dominant US firm began to impose its way of doing things on the newly acquired European organizations, international relationships became increasingly strained. Neither the Swedes nor the Italians were happy with impositions such as the drug and alcohol testing policy brought in by Upjohn, or the office smoking ban. These clashed with local ways of doing things and the more informal work environment that these cultures prefer. According to………. 33.1% companies face culture barriers.

Just like culture, language is also a major problem that majority of managers run into. Various countries have various languages and even though English is the universal language, not everyone is familiar with it. According to a study, it is believed that 70% of the world's population does not speak English as their first or second language. According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit - a business research unit of the Economist magazine - nearly half of the 572 senior executives interviewed admitted that misunderstandings and "messages lost in translation" have halted major international business deals for their companies. And 64 percent of them said poor communication skills have negatively affected their plans to expand internationally. An example of language as a barrier can be seen by Germany's Daimler-Benz AG and the American...

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The Challenges with Human Resource Departments
In today's workforce, the job of a manager for a human resource department faces many challenges and act as the mediator for the employees, organizations, and other stakeholder needs are to be addressed on issues related to laws, policies, and interpersonal skills, managing personnel issues, and setting an environment to coordinate a multicultural workforce. The human resource department requires an orderly approach to handle issues on any given day. This profession requires someone that's tactful and strategically prioritizes the business' needs by recruiting employees that are qualified to do the job and sometimes it can be challenging when the control is…show more content…

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HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGES 3 an array of experiences, which challenges exists in an organization for an HR manager to deal with on a daily basis. A multicultural organization employs individuals with a variety of national and cultural backgrounds. The question is how a HR manager can make the organization’s vision comparable to these types of employees. The question isn't so simple because it encompasses different race, genders, ethnic groups, ages, education, and organizational backgrounds. The perceptions of how these individuals see themselves and other relies on how they are affected by each other. The HR manager recruit and hire these individuals and then it goes back to following up with the needs to effectively become proactive before issues of adaptability and communication gets to a point where human rights are violated and someone crosses the line or an individual becomes resistance to changes once policies and procedures are put into place after a situation become unbearable. Most HR managers feel diversity training will alleviate problems in a mixture of individuals, but sometimes that doesn't always work out and it takes a strategy to be implemented to create a culture of diverse backgrounds to work in an organization and function as a team. The bottom line is that more HR managers come across

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