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Persuasive Essay On Gossip

My apologies to all my male readers today. I don’t intend to be a feminist or gender biased here but men do gossip a lot, as much as women or may be a little more. Women are generally tagged as gossipers for obvious reasons but a few years back I read this article about a research done which states that men gossip a lot more than women and I couldn’t agree enough.

At first I was a little shocked when I read about it and I wanted a proof to believe it. To do this, I started observing the behavior of men around me, mostly my colleagues and occasionally my friends and family. The results were amazing – they gossiped all the time. The more I noticed the more I found them to be gossiping. They want to know what is going on in other’s life; they even spend a lot of time discussing other’s life.

There is this guy at work who spends a lot of time discussing about promotion and appraisal and how to impress the boss while there is another guy who needs to be the first one to know about the office politics. Then there is this third person who cribs about other colleague’s work, his boss etc. He even goes to the extent of making hush conversations with the manager and discusses about them. I often find men engaging in long conversation in hushed tones discussing about office politics or gossiping about someone at work.

So what makes them different than women? Well women do it out loud and men are a little discreet about it. They call it networking. While women gossip a lot with friends and family at home, men tend to do it at work with colleagues. Men gossip about politics, promotion, their boss or other colleagues or about girls while women do it more about their personal life and other’s personal life.

Gossiping is not a bad trait after all. It is kind of a social skill and if done just for pleasure and for a limited time is good and turns out to be entertaining. However gossip turning into spreading rumor or gossiping about false information is bad as well as dangerous.

Although gender does not really have much to do about who gossips. It is the individual’s personality trait that determines whether they gossip or not. However it is definitely a myth that women gossip more.

p.s: I was inspired to write this blog today because I found two men near my office gossiping for almost an hour and I couldn’t help noticing it. 🙂

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Essay on Gossip and Deceit in Much Ado About Nothing

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When the prince congratulates Claudio upon Hero's father's approval to marry him he begins to be confused. In fact, it was the Prince wooing Hero for Claudio at the masked ball. Don John lied to Claudio to create a disturbance at the ball. Don John's malevolent plan to ruin Claudio and Hero's wedding was to take effect the night before they were to wed. The malicious Don John constructed, or rather misconstructed, the scheme that insinuated Claudio's belief in Hero's faithlessness. It is Don John who reports to Claudio and Don Pedro that Hero is having an affair, and he who stage-manages an elaborate charade featuring his own henchman Borachio and an unwitting stand-in for Hero to lend credence to this fiction. Perhaps the most significant thing to be noted in connection with this deception is that the spectator does not witness the crucial scene in which Claudio overhears the counterfeit exchanges between Margaret and Borachio that persuade him of Hero's guilt. We learn of this episode only at second hand, when Borachio boasts of his exploit (Lucking). The spectator of the play watches the Watchman watching Borachio while the latter narrates what he calls his tale relating how Claudio was inveigled into watching an artificial scene enacting Don John's fiction. Once again, what lies at the heart of this convoluted recursive machinery is a nothing (a nocturnal tryst between Hero and

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