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Sas Campaign Management Case Study


Phase one of the project started with the 89 Degrees project team implementing its own retail marketing database (RMDB), a flexible, scalable marketing database with retail specific data schemas already optimized for SAS CI tools. The RMDB was integrated with their customer database which included an initial import of multiple terabytes of customer data for 15 million shoppers.

The next phase addressed campaign management, starting with 89 Degrees configuring SAS MA against the RMDB. From there, the project leaders identified 5 campaign types, i.e. top shoppers, breakfast shoppers, pantry product buyers, and a baseline campaign for all shoppers who exceeded a set spend level within the past year. The corresponding campaign templates were then built within SAS MA for use on a recurring basis.  89 Degrees also worked with the client’s marketing team to identify specific reporting needs for these campaigns, then built the necessary reports using SAS MA Report Builder.

The implementation phase was completed with the installation and configuration of SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS MO, with guidance along the way from 89 Degrees on how to leverage these applications.

Before implementing DoubleClick Studio, SAS only had 400 generic messages; today, they have 1.3million with all possible combinations. Simon explains: “When you’ve got an analytics’ platform that can seamlessly integrate with your search and your programmatic display bid tools, that’s pretty powerful.”

The results were impressive: website revenue increased by 203%, ROI was 346% and cost of sale decreased by 78%. SAS started off with just three markets and DoubleClick enabled them to scale up to 16 markets.

Looking to the future

Simon acknowledges that such scaling would have been more difficult and expensive without DoubleClick: “It would have required more admin, more resources and it would have been more costly for us and we wouldn’t have been as agile as we are now, considering the size of our time.”

As for the future, SAS are working with Google on integrating Google Flight Search and DoubleClick Studio, with the aim of feeding live prices and making banners even more relevant. Simon is looking forward to building on SAS’ success: “The project has been really exciting to work on, and we’re going to look to develop the capabilities that the DoubleClick Technology Stack offers.”

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