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Iese Mba Essays 2014


With more than 160 full-time and 70 visiting professors, IESE boasts a student-to-faculty ratio of 4:1.  In addition to teaching courses across 11 academic departments, IESE’s faculty also help staff the school’s 12 research centers, which explore topics ranging from logistics to work and family.


Most professors at IESE teach using the case method, in which class discussions are based upon assigned readings about real-world business problems.  The school reports that by the time students graduate from the MBA program, they will have examined more than 600 business cases.  Upon entering the program, first-year students are divided into five sections of approximately 70 students each with whom they take all of their core courses.

While applicants do not need to know Spanish to gain admission to IESE, all students must enroll in the Business Spanish Program.  The program begins in August and continues throughout the two years of the MBA, though the duration for individual students depends upon their particular level of fluency.

The first year of IESE’s MBA program is divided into three terms.  Following a weeklong orientation period, Term 1 classes begin in September and last until December, while Term 2 runs from January to March and Term 3 from March to early June.  Students take between six and seven core courses each term, not including the Business Spanish Program.  IESE’s core curriculum is designed to give students a foundational knowledge of key business concepts, and features a variety of topics such as entrepreneurial management, global economics, and values and ethics.

The second year of the MBA takes place over two terms that run from September to December and from January to March.  Aside from the Business Spanish Program, the second-year curriculum is comprised entirely of elective courses; students have free rein to choose from any of the more than 100 electives offered by IESE.  Elective courses may be taught in English or Spanish.  Students who pass a Spanish language exam and earn at least a grade of B in two or more courses taught in Spanish are eligible to be awarded a Bilingual MBA Degree upon graduation rather than simply an MBA.

To provide students with additional international exposure, IESE has established exchange programs with 30 business schools around the world.  Each year, 100 spaces or more are offered to second-year students wishing to spend their first semester studying abroad.  IESE also offers a one- to two-week International Module at the beginning of the second year during which students can study at the school’s New York City Campus, the São Paulo ISE Campus, the Shanghai CEIBS campus, or the Nairobi Strathmore Business School.

Other MBA Degree Options

In addition to the full-time MBA program, IESE offers Executive MBA programs in Barcelona, Madrid and São Paulo. EMBA programs in Barcelona and Madrid are taught in English and Spanish, and students can choose either a weekly or biweekly format for the EMBA, though these formats are not offered in each location. IESE has also established a Global Executive MBA program that includes modules in Barcelona, São Paulo, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and New York City. This program is taught exclusively in English and is offered partly at home and partly via residential sessions.

College students who aim to attend IESE in the near future can gain pre-admission to the MBA program by applying to the school’s Young Talent Program (YTP) during their junior or senior year. Upon graduating from college, students accepted to the YTP have the opportunity to begin working at one of IESE’s participating companies; these include firms such as The Boston Consulting Group, Cisco, L’Oréal, Microsoft and Vodafone. After gaining two years of work experience and completing Next Steps Seminars I and II, YTP students matriculate into the full-time MBA program.

Core Courses at IESE

Term 1

  • Analysis of Business Problems
  • Decision Analysis
  • Financial Accounting
  • Capital Markets
  • Marketing Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Spanish

Term 2

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Operational Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Globalization of Business Enterprise
  • Business Spanish

Term 3

  • Leading Organizations: Systems, Values and Ethics
  • Global Economics
  • Transforming Organizations and Markets with ICTs
  • Operations Strategy
  • Quantitative Methods for Management
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Self-Management
  • Capstone In-Company Project
  • Business Spanish

Degree Offerings at IESE

Full-time MBA Program

Executive MBA Programs
Executive MBA offered in Barcelona, Madrid and São Paulo

Global Executive MBA, with modules in Barcelona, Madrid, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and New York City

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IESE 2016-2017 MBA Essay Tips and Application Deadlines

Posted by Chioma Isiadinso

IESE Business School consistently ranks among Europe’s best and attracts students from around the globe who are interested in living and working in one of the continent’s most vibrant cities.

MBA applicants hoping to join IESE’s program this year should keep the following 2016-2017 MBA application deadlines in mind:

– Round One: October 4

– Round Two: January 5

– Round Three: March 7

– Round 4: April 18

IESE’s MBA applicants are required to choose from one of two of the IESE 2016-2017 MBA essays, and can also submit an optional written or video answer addressing something they wish the application had asked.

The required IESE 2016-2017 MBA admissions essays are:

– Please describe a time when you had an idea that had a positive impact. (400 words)

– How do you develop yourself? What do you see as your development areas now? (400 words)

MBA applicants can only answer one of the two questions. Here are a few tips for choosing wisely and making the most of your IESE 2016-2017 MBA essay.

– Identify holes in your application: IESE places heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship. If you do not have start-up or entrepreneurial experience on your resume, answering the first question could help admissions board members understand how you bring an entrepreneurial attitude to your day-to-day work. The second question, on the other hand, could be more helpful for applicants needing to connect the dots between several jobs or career changes, or for those who need to further explain and emphasize their leadership experience.

– Rely on concrete examples: Use a few key statistics to powerfully demonstrate the impact of your idea. Or, use one vibrant anecdote or mental image to illustrate the central theme of your essay. Both of these writing techniques can make your essay linger in the reader’s mind long after they put it down.

– Connect your answer to IESE’s program: Whichever question you answer, you should use a few sentences to explain how the experience you are describing will impact your time at IESE. What problem-solving strategies or key lessons will you bring with you? How will you use your time there to develop yourself?

In addition to the required essay, 2016-2017 MBA applicants can submit a 200-word response or two-minute video response filling in the statement, “I wish that the application had asked me…” For most MBA applicants, this question provides an important opportunity to inject some personality into your application. Here are a few tips:

– Share an interest that you truly love: It is a treat to watch or listen to someone talking about a subject that they are truly and completely excited about. Choose a subject you are passionate about and share that excitement with the admissions committee.

– Address a concern: If you foresee any concerns with your application, now is the time to put the adcom’s fears at ease. Directly address potential concerns and do your best to provide a clear, honest explanation. After all, the best defense is often a good offense.

– For video, remember the details: IESE is not expecting professional-quality video, but a few small adjustments can make your video much crisper and more enjoyable. Position lights so that your face is lit from behind the camera. Minimize any distracting noise or images in the background. Speak slowly and clearly. Have a friend watch it with you to point out any flaws you might have missed.

You can contact EXPARTUS for help with your IMD MBA 2016-2017 essays.

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