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All about IELTS Essay Correction

IELTS – the International English Language Testing System is one of the most used and most popular tests in the world. People take this test for many reasons and one of them is migration. The good results of this test will increase their chances of finding a good job. Every year, there are more than 2.000.000 IELTS Tests taken.
The whole test consists of four different parts:
People say that writing is one of the most challenging parts of the online IELTS test. No wonder, it was designed by some of the best language experts in the world. It is accepted by schools, universities and many organizations in the whole world.
Before taking the test there are several things you need to do, and the first one is to take the ielts exam preparation and not to forget the IELTS essay check. For that purpose you can find hundreds and hundreds of different online courses that will help you study and practice the material. Besides that, you can also work with a teacher. What you need to do is write a few essays and then let someone correct them. Yes, you can practice essay writing with an online course but you can’t fully prepare for the test alone. You need to receive a feedback and learn from your errors. It is always a good idea to invest your money in an IELTS essay correction. It is very important to start practicing and preparing yourself for the writing task on time. Always take time into consideration. 5 days are not enough to prepare yourself for an essay writing or a report writing. That is why you must start writing and get an IELTS essay correction as soon as possible.
If you are worried that your writing might not be that good, get an IELTS essay correction immediately. Do it, you will be grateful. It is normal to feel a little insecure or wanting see how good you are. The important thing is not to get disappointed when you get bad score. In fact, you will be thankful to see where your mistakes are, and make sure not to repeat them, ever again. This is one of the many positive characteristics of the IELTS essay correction. There is an IELTS blog run by language experts, in case you need an advice. Relax, if you are having problems, then the IELTS essay check is the solution.
How do you start writing? Well, writing is not an easy thing to do, for most people. But if you want to take the IELTS test, you must learn how to do it. Before you start writing, make a plan or a strategy. This means that you must spend some quality time thinking about the topic you want to choose. After that, you should create a story in your head and make a plan about how that story will develop. It is important not to feel pressured. Decide what you want to write about and stick to it. It is much easier to write when you have a plan. But if you have doubts, the IELTS essay check option will help you.
IELTS writing task is divided in two separate groups: writing task 1 and writing task 2 (general writing and academic writing). But when you have already planned everything, be sure that you will earn higher marks. All these writing tips are very helpful, especially if you are not a very good writer. And remember that if you practice long enough, you will get excellent results. Find the best and most suitable way to organize yourself. Most importantly get a professional IELTS essay correction and let someone check your writing.
An important thing to know is that, those who don’t stay on topic will be penalized. One more reason to plan the writing task before you start writing. Another thing to remember is to divide the whole text into paragraphs. You don’t want people to get bored by reading your essay or report. It is normal to have a block when you write, but be careful not to lose too much time.
Be clear and don’t use long sentences or sentences that say nothing. It is not simple and it might sounds easier said than done, but you must practice a lot. A simple and clear English can be much more effective than you think. These are some of the many useful advices you will get from the IELTS essay correction. This will help you become a real professional.
Your handwriting must be legible. If not, you can get bad marks too. So, write carefully and slowly so that the examiners can understand your writing. Don’t make this difficult to them.
People ask a lot: What is the secret to successful essay writing? Let me tell you, there is no secret. Becoming a successful essay writer is based on lots of practice, studying and patience, of course. The most important thing is to stay concentrated.
If you are interested in taking the IELTS test in Australia, find the nearest school that offers the program. Lots of schools and organizations have been delivering the IELTS program in Australia since 2009. You can take the test in all major cities and regional areas. All of them provide an excellent service in order to make sure that the candidates achieve the greatest experience.
Australia is one of the most affordable study destinations in the whole world. It is a great place with a good economy and high education standards. The IELTS test will give you the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and find the job of your dreams. Find your home in Australia.
How do I register?
To register you must follow a few simple steps. First of all find the closest organization and the date that suits you. Before starting, you must know that in order to take the test you must pay a fee. Both, the Academic and the General Training tests have the same cost. Make a research and find all the information related to the payment.
Visit the test organizations and the employees will explain the whole process. Or, you can download the document with information about candidates. If you are not familiar with the General and Academic testing, ask the staff from the organization or school. Once you make a decision ask for a copy of the IELTS Application form, or print it out. Make sure you carefully read all the information written there. When you put in your personal information make sure it is accurate. Most of the centers allow users to get an online registration, which is much easier. If you want to do that, make sure you read all the information written on the website. Your passport or ID card must be valid and not expired of course. Include all the details about the results. Give your completed and signed application to an employee of the organization. Once you are done with the registration, the organization will let you know about the date and the time. Remember to bring your ID card or passport on the test day, this is important! At the end, apply after you did the IELTS essay check. Those results will tell you whether you are ready or not.
Remember – You can’t understand what you are doing wrong by yourself. You must have your essay checked by an expert. Get an IELTS essay correction if you are really interested in getting better results and learning more. So if you aren’t certain about your writing skills the IELTS essay correction is a must.

In both the the IELTS Academic and General Writing exams, you should leave yourself 3 -5 minutes at the end to check your writing.But what should you be checking for?Here are my tips on how to effectively check your IELTS writing to ensure that you spend your 3 – 5 minutes in the most efficient way.

Photo by Oliver Tacke

What Should You Check For?

  • First, you should check for the mistakes that you usually make.For example, maybe you often forget to include articles in front of collective nouns. Scan your writing for these. If you don’t know what your common writing mistakes are, then look at our list of common IELTS writing mistakes. (Note: Make sure the you keep a running error list of your common writing mistakes so that you know what to check for.) 
  • Be sure to check your spelling! If there are words that you know you regularly misspell then definitely look out for those.
  • Pay attention where you have used synonyms.Have you used the right one? Does the synonym make sense in this sentence/context?
  • Check your verbs.Have you used the right tense (past, present, future)? Did you use the right singular/plural agreement? Did you use the correct form of the verb?
  • Make sure that the linking words that you used are correct and that you have not repeated any of them.

How Should You Check IELTS Writing

  • To start, just check for one type of mistake at a time. It is too difficult to check all of your common errors at once.
  • Our brains have a tendency to fill in gaps when things are missing, so it is often better to check for mistakes by scanning the text backwards rather than forwards.This is particularly useful when checking for spelling mistakes.
  • Alternatively, scan at random from one paragraph to the next.You will be able to see mistakes quicker if you are not concentrating on the meaning.
  • Quickly scan the beginning of each sentence and the beginning of each paragraph to check that the linking words that you used are correct.
  • Regularly practice checking your writing so that you can get to a point where you can check for more than one mistake at the same time.

You may not spot all of the mistakes when you are checking, but you will get quite a few and this can make a difference of a band score! So do aim to save yourself enough time at the end of your writing to due this very important task. It can make all the difference to getting a 7.0!

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