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What Makes Good Parents Essay

Love and Discipline

Raising children can be extremely difficult at times. While there are numerous qualities required to be a good parent, there are two basic qualities that every parent should consist of while raising their children. By a parent obtaining love and discipline in the raising of their children will result in good parenting. A good parent must make his or her child feel cherished at times; however, a parent must also discipline children when necessary.

Love is extremely important for a parent to provide while raising children and should be a main goal of any parent. A parent can provide this quality to a child by doing activities that he or she enjoys. For example, a parent can play games or read a favorite book of the child’s desire. If a child is shown attention by a parent it gives them a sense of feeling important and cared about by a loved one. When a child consumes of the feeling of importance it allows confidence to increase. Another way a parent can express love to a child is by being affectionate. A hug, kiss on the cheek, or simply saying, “I love you” can allow a child understand that his or her parent truly does love them. When a child is shown affection by his or her parent then they can assure themselves that the love from the parent it always present. It is common for children to feel as if their parent does no longer love them after they have done something wrong; therefore, by a parent reassuring his or her child that they will love them no matter what can relieve a child of that fear. If a parent provides love as quality while raising children, then good parenting will be a result.

Another quality a good parent should have while raising children is discipline. When a child has done something wrong a parent must perform some type of disciplinary action to force the child to understand what he or she did is wrong and cannot happen again. If a parent allows a child to misbehave without any discipline, then the child will have the mentality that what he or she did is okay and will continue to misbehave. By a parent performing disciplinary action with his or her child, then the child will understand that their parent has authority over the choices made and the consequences to follow. Discipline does not always mean a parent must hit or spank a child; restricting the child’s limitations on what he or she may enjoy can also do solve the problem. For example, if a child enjoys playing video games or going places with friends a parent can restrict the child’s ability to do these things after they have misbehaved. By a parent provides discipline to their children when needed, it will then teach a child that misbehaving is not tolerated and can result in punishment. Disciplinary actions are necessary for a parent to accomplish being a good parent.

All in all, parenting is a lot of work, and is not easy. There are many responsibilities that come along with parenting. Parents must always provide love for children, but also discipline when needed. Every child is unique, and needs to be handled differently.


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