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Eng 315 Assignment 2.1


ENG31'T$-(().htm Now that you ha*e complete+ you% %epo%t, it is time to +esign an+ p%esent you% #in+ings. ou% task is to o%ganize an+ +e*elop the th%ee pa%ts int%o+uction, bo+y, an+ closing o# an e##ecti*e p%esentation, base+ on you% "usti#ication $epo%t !ssignment .3. 0hapte% 13 in ou% tet  p%o*i+es o*e%all in#o%mation on p%esentation #o%mat, content, an+ +eli*e%y. &lease use as a gui+e #o% this assignment.0%eate an eight to ten 2-1( sli+e p%esentation in which you:1.nclu+e a title sli+e, int%o+ucto%y sli+e, an+ a closing sli+e..4o% you% int%o+uction, open with an engaging int%o+uction o# the topic o# you% %epo%t. nclu+e one 1 title sli+e an+ one 1 int%o+ucto%y sli+e.3.4o% the bo+y o# you% p%esentation, co*e% the main points o# you% %epo%t. 0%eate sli+es that %ein#o%ce an+ illust%ate you% main i+eas. 4ollow basic +esign p%inciples #o% e##ecti*e sli+e content.5.4o% you% single closing sli+e, #inish with a memo%able w%ap-up statement that %e#ocuses on the pu%pose o# you% %epo%t.ou% assignment must #ollow these #o%matting %e6ui%ements:.nclu+e a title sli+e containing the title o# the assignment, you% name, the p%o#esso%7s name, the cou%se title, an+ the +ate. The title sli+e is not inclu+e+ in the %e6ui%e+ sli+e length.).4o%mat the &owe%&oint p%esentation with hea+ings on each sli+e, two to th%ee -3 colo%s, two to th%ee -3 #onts, an+ two to th%ee -3 %ele*ant g%aphics photog%aphs, g%aphs, clip a%t, etc., ensu%ing that the p%esentation is *isually appealing an+ %ea+able #%om 12 #eet away. 0heck with you% p%o#esso% #o% any a++itional inst%uctions.8.'li+es shoul+ abb%e*iate the in#o%mation in no mo%e than #i*e o% si  o% ) bullet  points each.2.'li+e titles shoul+ be base+ on the c%ite%ia being summa%ize+ e.g., 94ou% ey !tt%ibutes,; 9$esponses to <u+get ssues,; etc..

Assignment Checklist:

=.>esc%ipti*e titles on each o# the sli+es

Justification Report - Part 2 3 Introduction Currently, D’A Dreamer’s Catering’s policy for kitchen etiquette, behavior, personal hygiene, and other work related issues are resolved with penalizing actions. However, even though this is stated on pages 20-22 of the employee handbook, there is no set system for managers to adhere to when dressing these issues. Our current actions start with verbal counseling, this method is has proven effective, however in business documentation of all infractions is of the utmost importance. The goal of this report is to successfully develop guidelines and procedures for managers to properly deal with these issues. As new hires enter the company, the procedures must continue to be effective. Correctional procedures are important tools for mangers that must be kept up to date. Problem D’A Dreamer’s Catering currently does not have a specific plan of action for dealing with disciplinary actions of staff members. With the continual growth of the company and staff the company has faced the problem of personal responsibility of work produced and following company policies. To be able to resolve these growing concerns within the company problems must be detailed, identified and defined; and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services regulations must be followed, and a resolution must be provided. Report Overview In order to guarantee that all practices are fair there are a few approaches to take: a proactive method, a quick reaction, and incorporating the rules in current environment. Documentation in this form will filed in individuals personnel file within the company. These three methods will be implemented along with a progressive discipline plan. The progressive discipline plan, if approved, will be included in the employee handbook, this will provide a helpful tool for all employees.

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