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Cover Letter For Marketing Executive Fresher

1/F Team Building
2 Smooth Road
Hong Kong

1 February 2014

Ms Ann Chan
Personnel Manager
XYZ International Company
GPO Box 1357
Hong Kong

Dear Ms Chan,

Application for the Post of Marketing Executive (Ref. No. 06-2323)

I am writing in response to your advertisement in JobsDB inviting applications for Marketing Executive on 28 January 2014.

Having graduated from The University of Hong Kong majoring in Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration, I am now responsible for implementing new marketing programmes in my current position at a reputable international healthcare services company. The market share has increased 30% compared with last year.

With strong presentation and negotiation skills, I have a keen interest and would pursue my career in sales & marketing field. Enclosed please find a resume giving you details of my personal particulars.

I would be grateful if you can arrange an interview so that I can explain my qualifications further. My contact number is 9876-5432 and I can be reached at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Lee (Mr)


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Dear Mr. :

I am extremely interested in the marketing executive position for BillShrink.com because of my passion to be a part of an exciting startup that offers unique services for consumers. My marketing expertise draws on a broad range of experience that has helped me analyze market dynamics and translate them into effective marketing strategies, followed by measuring effectiveness to future strategies.

My role as a member of a six-person management team at ProQuest Information and Learning was instrumental in launching XanEdu and building it as the market leader. Our success reflects my ability to provide strategic direction and exemplifies the potential to offer customer insight, define value propositions, build strong branding, and develop integrated marketing programs. Conducting market research and analysis provided the foundation for developing and penetrating markets through targeted marketing initiatives. Clearly defined segmentation and positioning, strong branding campaigns, and focused marketing communications programs contributed to dynamic marketing programs leading to customer acquisition and retention. Key to our success was providing targeted sales strategy and compelling and pertinent sales tools in addition to representing the company. I managed public relations, direct and e-direct marketing/promotions, advertising, online marketing, and event planning to build the XanEdu brand and drive sales. Since an important component of our product line was online and utilized e-commerce as one of its channels, I developed strong e-marketing skills. In addition to managing external and internal creative services, I wrote and designed collateral, including award nominations, with our product line named as a finalist for the prestigious Codie Awards, sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association.

My extensive work with media and partners allowed me to initiate and maintain strong relationships to grow XanEdu’s brand and generate sales. Networking, cultivating partnerships, and managing media relations resulted in new distribution channels, joint marketing opportunities, strong brand recognition, and increased revenue. Securing press, speaking, and web opportunities; soliciting authoritative spokes-people; preparing and making presentations, and identifying interview and article placements further strengthened XanEdu’s leadership in the market. I also managed customer service and created the customer care sales call center, helping staff ensure best-in-practice service, 300% more revenue, and repeat business. Managing both marketing and customer service required astute responses to critical incidents and often resulted in transforming problems into opportunities.

My resume, illustrating my strategic orientation is attached, and I welcome the opportunity to expand on how I can build your brand and drive loyal users to BillShrink.com.


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