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Voice Feedback On Assignments

This guide explains how to add voice comments to a Turnitin submission using Feedback Studio.

Access Control Panel

1. From your course’s Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click on TurnitinUK Assignments.

Locate TurnitinUK Assignment

2. Click on the name of the Turnitin Assignment to which you want to add a voice comment.

Turnitin Assignment Inbox

3.  You will be taken to the Assignment Inbox, where you should see a list of submissions made by students on the course.  Click on the pencil icon to open a paper in the Feedback Studio view.  If you have already entered a mark for a submission, this mark will be shown in place of the pencil icon.

View / Edit General Comments

4.  Click on the Feedback Summary in the side panel, as highlighted in the screenshot above.

Record Comment

5.  Click on the record icon, as shown in the screenshot above.

Allow Microphone Use

6.  Select Allow if you see a popup asking for permission to access your camera and microphone.  You may also wish to select Remember.  Click on Close.

Record Comment

7.  Record your comment.  You should be able to see a blue bar moving up and down when you speak.  Once you have recorded your comment (which can be a maximum of 3 minutes per submission), click on the blue stop button.

Check and Save

8.  Once you have recorded your comment, you will have an opportunity to play it back to yourself to make sure you are happy with it.  Once you are happy with the recording, click on the blue save icon.  If you are not happy, you can click on the dustbin icon to delete your recording and start again.

Saving Recording

9.  During the saving process, you may see all of the above messages.  Keep in mind that longer recordings will take slightly longer to save than shorter recordings, so if you have recorded three minutes of audio then you may see the ‘Saving…’ message for some time.  Once the recording has saved, the Saved! message will pop up briefly.

Providing quality feedback to students is one of the best ways to help them learn. Unfortunately, it often seems unduly cumbersome and time-consuming to faculty. Giving feedback by speaking is faster than writing or typing so this tip will focus on an easy way to give students verbal feedback.

Most students submit their assignments as Microsoft Word files. This program has a tool for inserting audio within a document. All you need is a microphone and to know where to find the voice recording tool. (NOTE: We don’t recommend this tip for those who use Mac computers. Inserting audio into a Word file on a Mac works only in the Notebook view. When a document is switched to that view, the formatting is seriously affected. If formatting were an important part of the assignment, switching to the Notebook view would jeopardize the student’s grade.)

Microsoft Word

To setup a quick link to the “Insert Voice” tool in Microsoft Word 2007, do the following:

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button  , and then click Word Options.
  2. Click Customize. In the list under Choose commands from, select All Commands.
  3. In the list of commands, click Insert Voice, and then click Add.
  4. Click OK. The Insert Voice icon  now appears in the Quick Access toolbar and is ready to use in any document.
  5. To record a comment, move your cursor to the insertion point, and then click on the Insert Voice icon.
  6. In the dialog box that appears, click the Record button  and then speak into the microphone. When you’ve finished recording, click the Stop button , and then click OK. Close the Insert Voice box to complete the process.
  7. Save the file and send it back to the student.

Using this tool makes giving feedback to students both fast and efficient – and students will definitely appreciate the feedback that you give them.

The only caveat is that voice comments add about 2 megabytes to the file size for each minute you record. So, keep overall file size in mind as you make comments.

Upload Feedback in BYU Learning Suite

BYU Learning Suite allows instructors to provide feedback to student in various formats. One method is uploading a document as feedback. For example, an instructor can add audio feedback to a Microsoft Word document as outlined in the tip above and then upload the Word document to Learning Suite using the Grader. The student will have immediate access to the feedback. View Providing Online Feedback for additional information.

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