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Oakland Student Assignment Office Cape

Student Assignment 2018-19 January 22– March 23, 2018

Parents of currently enrolled students in Lee County Public School grades five, eight, and students in Pre-K attending Lee County Public Schools who are eligible for kindergarten for 2018/19, will be mailed their child’s personalized application between January 19 - February 9, 2018. To alleviate the volume of people in the Student Assignment office, applications will be mailed out by level.

Current 8th grade student applications will be mailed on January 19th .

Current Pre-K student applications will be mailed on February 2nd .

Current 5th grade student applications will be mailed on February 9th .

Students new to the district will continue to be enrolled during the entire first enrollment period. This is a very exciting time of year for students and parents as they plan for 2018- 2019. Those receiving applications can save time by applying online! Please read the documents sent to you very carefully, and determine if you want to apply online, mail it back to us, or bring it to one of our offices in person. This is an application collection period. There is no need to stand in long lines the first few days as all applications are processed as a group after the first enrollment deadline. Those who apply online will be able to view their results 1 week earlier than assignments are mailed out. Parents of children who will be five on or before September 1, 2018 and who are not enrolled in one of the district’s Pre-K programs must visit one of our offices to register for kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year (bring registration requirements). This should be done during the first application period (January 22 – March 23) to increase the chances of being assigned to your preferred school. Brand new students cannot apply on-line – they must be registered in person. There are no automatic assignments – parents need to register incoming kindergartners even if they have an older sibling already attending the preferred school. Please visit www.leeschools.net for registration requirements and Student Assignment Office locations. Lee County is home to Florida’s top ranked virtual school. Lee Virtual Instruction Program is the only Kindergarten through 12th grade public virtual school in our area. This challenging virtual learning program follows the school district calendar. Students have access to many of the same courses as they would in a traditional school including Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (FGCU, FSW, FMTC and CCTC) along with the flexibility of a dynamic schedule. Students who complete the virtual course of study receive the same accredited diploma as any other public school. There are two application periods for LVIP. The first application period coincides with the Student Assignment’s first application period. The second one begins the Monday after Thanksgiving for second semester enrollments and closes prior to final exam week of the first semester. Applying to LVIP does not affect your current School Choice assignment until the student completes orientation and enrollment in the LVIP program. Lee Virtual also offers a variety of summer courses for original credit. Visit Lee Virtual Instruction Program at http://lvip.leeschools.net/.

Welcome to Gaston County Schools and the Student Assignment webpage.  


Our office is a part of the Student Support Services Department.  The goal of the Student Assignment Office is to develop a relationship with students and parents from the beginning of the enrollment process. Our staff creates a welcoming environment for families who are new to our community as well as families whose students have extenuating circumstances or special needs.

Student Assignment

Our office staff is pleased to serve parents wishing to enroll their child in Gaston County Schools. To enroll a student, you must be the biological parent or court-ordered guardian. You must also bring:

  • Student birth certificate and, if applicable, the court order
  • Immunization/shot records
  • Parent/legal guardian's valid photo ID (driver license, state identification, passport, or military ID)
  • Withdrawal from previous school (middle and high school)
  • TWO (2) proofs of your address to verify residence (power, gas, water, cable, landline telephone, lease or mortgage bill; must be current bill issued within 30 days).

* If the parents(s) or court-ordered guardian reside with another person who is the homeowner/lessee, you will need to meet together (the parent and the homeowner) with the Student Assignment Office staff to complete a Residency Affidavit document. The homeowner/lessee will need to provide two proofs of address.

A student enrolling in the sixth grade or higher who does not currently attend a Gaston County school will need to come to the Student Assignment Office to complete a Discipline Status Document.

Students in Group Homes and Foster Homes

It is our pleasure to serve students living in foster homes and group homes. The legal guardian and the foster parent or group home representative must be present during the registration process. The following documentation is needed for initial enrollment and for changing school assignment:

  • Guardianship/parental placement form
  • Person Centered Plan
  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Previous school withdrawal and transcript
  • Discipline information
  • Special needs information


Transfers for the 2018-2019 upcoming school year are open for request from April 1 until May 15. Families will receive notification letters immediately following. No late applications will be accepted.

An intra-district transfer is when parents/guardians wish to register or enroll their student(s) at a school other than the designated school in their attendance area within their district.

Foreign Exchange Programs

All foreign exchange programs in Gaston County Schools must have prior approval from the Student Assignment Office to enroll in our school system. Placement in schools with host families must occur by July 15 for the student to be cleared for enrollment. Schools will have no more than two foreign exchange students each year. The application for enrollment can be found in our policy.


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