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Essay On Cow Pdf Download

Cow’s name generally comes at first place in the list of domestic animals. Even when a teacher wants to develop the skill of essay writing and paragraphs writing of his students, he may start with the simple essay on cow in domestic animals series. Essay on cow may also be given priority for its great importance as well as its uses.

Essay on Cow

We have provided below various cow essay under two categories of ‘short essay on cow’ and ‘long essay on cow’. Our aim is to help the students to fulfil the task given by the teacher in the class or any competition organized for essay writing during the national or international events celebration in the school or colleges. All the essays are written by the professional content writer by using simple and easy words for a range of students studying in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8th standard. They can choose any of the essays given below under various words limit according to their need and requirement:

Short Essay on Cow

Following are the short essay on cow for the students under words limit of 100, 200 and 300 words. Students can use any of these according to their need and requirement in the schools.

Essay on Cow 1 (100 words)

In India, it is easily heard that cow is our mother. Even, from the very early of life, this lesson is taught to us that we should respect the cow too as a mother. Cow is a very calm domestic animal. She has two eyes, two ears, four legs, two horns, one nose, a mouth and a long tail with a huge body. She gives us milk which is very tasty and useful. By using its milk we can make so many nutritious and healthy things as cheese, butter, yogurt etc. The baby of a cow is called as calf. It is very cute and useful too just like his/her mother. The male calf is called as bull in his young age and helps farmers to plough their fields.

Essay on Cow 2 (200 words)

Cow is the one of the respected domestic animals. We keep her in our houses. She is found all over the world. She is very useful to us. She is a huge body domestic animal with two eyes, two ears, two horns, four legs and a long tail. She gives us milk which is very nutritious and by using it we can make various tasty and healthy dishes like: cheese, curd, butter, mawa, etc. She eats grasses, grain, fodders and hay. She is counted under the category of mammals as it gives birth to a baby and feed her milk. Cow is very calm and loving domestic animal. She is very respected animal in India. Indian people worship cow as their mother. For Hindus, she is a holy animal as it is considered that worshipping a cow may easily happy all Gods and Goddesses.

Everything what we get from cow has their own importance. Her milk is very useful especially for the growing age children and patients. Her milk is also used in pooja, Dudh Abhishek and other religious purposes. Even her dung is used as a good fertilizer. Farmers use its dung in cultivating their fields for the better growth of crops. Her toilet (Gau mutra) is used as a medicine to treat various diseases. Not only the cow but also its baby calf is very useful for the farmers. Male calf is called as bull in its young age and used to plough the fields of farmers. Bull is called as the farmer’s best friend in India. So, we should take care of her.

Essay on Cow 3 (300 words)

Cow is my favorite domestic animal. She is very gentle by nature. She has two eyes, two ears, one big nose, two horns, a large forehead, one big mouth, four legs and a long tail with a big body. She eats green grass, grains, hay and fodder. Her big mouth helps her to chew the fodder. She gives us milk. Her milk is very nutritious and useful for the human beings. Not only for the adults but also it is very useful for the children and patients. By using her milk we can make a variety of nutritious and healthy eatable things like: yogurt, paneer, makkhan, khova, and sweets too.

Hindus called her “Gaou Mata” in India. She has many religious significances for Hindus. It is supposed by the Hindus that all 33 cores Devi or Devta lived in her. In India, her milk is used as pious liquid in every religious activity. Even, every remains from her is considered as sacred and useful like: milk is often used in pooja for Dudh Abhishek and making panchaamrait, dung is useful for plants, human beings and to clear the pooja place. We should respect and be kind towards her. Cow murder is considered as sin in Hindu religion. In India, P.M. Modi’s government has banned to kill the cow and eat its beef.

Cow is a common useful pet animal. She has lot of benefits to the human beings. Cows differ in its shapes, sizes and colours. She can be found all over the world. In every state and country, it differs in colour, size as well as in quality. Only in India, We can find so many types or breeds of cow. India has around 37 breeds of cow. Some of them are Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi, Tharparkar and Red Sindhi etc. These cows are well known for their milking power.

Long Essay on Cow

Following are the long essay on cow for the students under words limit of 400, 600 and 800 words. Students can use any of these cow essay according to their need and requirement in the schools.

Essay on Cow 4 (400 words)


Cow is a huge domestic animal which gives us milk and other important materials. She has two eyes, one nose, two ears, four legs, two horns on her big head and a long tail. She eats grass, hay, fodder and grains. But she likes to graze green grasses in an open field. We keep cow in a cattle or a shed. Cows are found in various colours such as white, black, brown, yellowish and a mixture of many colours. Her milk is very useful for the human beings. Each and everything a cow provides us, has its own importance. In India, she is called as “Gaou Mata”. She has many religious significances for Hindus. They respect her as their mother. For them she is a very pious animal.

Origin of Cow

According to the Indian scriptural, the origination of cow is considered to be in India. But the modern cattle are divided into two breeds. Some have their origin in India and some in Europe. The modern two breeds of cattle are Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus.

Bos Taurus cattle are also known as Taurine cattle. It was originated around 200,000 years ago in Europe. It was Columbus who brought the first cow in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World.

Bos Indicus is also known as Zebus cattle. It is domestic type cattle which was originated in South Asia around 10,000 years ago.

Importance of Cow:

Cow is very useful for the human beings. She gives us milk which is very useful. Her milk is used in various ways. Some people use it as a medicine and some for the religious purposes. It is very useful for the young age children as well as patient. The whole body of cow is useful to us as:

  • After death of cow, her skin is used for making shoes, bags and other leather items.
  • Her dung is used as a fuel to make fire and also as a fertilizer.
  • From her milk, we make so many products as butter, curd, cheese, sweets, khovaa, etc.
  • Her baby calf (he/she) is also very useful to us. If her baby is male calf, he will be bull or ox in his adult age. He is helpful to the Peasants to plough their fields and if it is female calf then she will be cow which serves us as her mother.
  • Indian Hindus worship her on their festivals.
  • Products made by her milk (such as Gee, curd, etc) are also used at religious events as Dudh Abhishek of Indian God or Goddesses, pooja, Havan, to make panchaamrit, etc.

Essay on Cow 5 (600 words)


Everyone knows that cow is a domestic animal and useful to us in various ways. She is a quadruped animal. She is found all over the world. In India, it is a ritual and custom of worshipping her as a mother. She is very gentle by nature. She is found in different shapes, sizes and colours. She has a large body with small hair all over the body. She has two ears. She has two eyes. She has two horns on her head for self protection. She likes to graze the grass. She chew her food very well in the mouth and then swallows. Sometime it attacks on the people.

Uses of Cow Milk:

Cow gives us milk. It is full of nutrients, good fat and protein. Even, doctors suggest to their patients to drink cow milk because it is easily digestible. Cow milk is used to make several eatable items and dishes. Its milk can be changed in many forms such as curd, khoya, paneer, butter, whey, Gee, etc.

Cow milk makes us healthy and strong. It is given high status in the society because it is very beneficial to us in many ways. It helps in increasing the immunity power of our body. It prevents us from various types of infections and diseases. We should drink cow milk daily as it makes our mind sharp.

Why Cow is worshiped in India:

Cow is a sacred animal. From the ancient time, we are worshiping cows as our mother. There are so many tales behind worshipping a cow. One of the most well known Hindu deities, Lord Krishna, who was generally used to of playing flute among cows and her calves. He is also called as ‘Govinda’ or ‘Gopala’ which means “the protector or a friend of cows”. It is also considered that a true devotee should feed a cow first before taking his/her own breakfast. By doing this, the God will be happy on his devotee. According to another ancient tale, it is said that the earth is on the cow’s horns.

Millions of Hindus admire and worship cows. The cow is a symbol of divine bounty on the earth to human beings. Hindu people decorates cows with garlands and ornaments on the festival ‘Gauasthami’ all over India. Her nature is epitomized in kamadhenu, the divine which fulfils all the wishes. The products prepared by cow milk such as sweets, milk, gee, etc are essential elements in Hindu worship.

Types of Cow:

There are so many types of cow in India according to the region. She differs in colour, size and physical strength. Universally, there are two types of cow breeds: Taurine and Zebu. Taurine breed of cow was developed in Europe and the second one in south Asia. There is also a third type of breed called as Taurine-Indious breed which is the mixture of Taurine and Zebu breeds. The development of both breeds has a great difference. Taurine cattle were developed in the Fertile Crescent region while Zebu type were domesticated.


The cow is a gentle nature animal which gives us so many useful things. Everything related with her are very useful to the mankind. Even after having lots of benefits and religious importances, cow beef is eaten by many Hindu people too. People eat cow’s meat, even they know that killing a cow is sin. Not only in India but also in other countries of the world there are a large number of people who eat beef. So many rare breeds of cow are in danger just because of their beef. In this reference, Indian government has taken an appreciable step towards saving the cow’s life. Now, in India, eating and selling beef is considered as a crime.

Essay on Cow 6 (800 words)


Basically cow is known as the mother in Hindu religion. She is a gentle nature mammal. She gives so many benefits to humanity in the form of yoghurt, cheese, butter, ghee, etc. In Vedas, it is said that cow milk is equivalent to the ambrosial nector. She is found in almost all parts of the world. She is very useful domestic animal and well-known as quadruped beast.


Cow is a holiest animal among all mammals. It is the most important domestic animal which gives us milk as a complete nutritious food. She is four footed animal so it is called as quadruped beast also. It has two big ears, two eyes, and 2 horns on head. She has a big nose, one mouth, a big back and stomach and a long tail. Generally she is calm loving animal but if someone teases her, she attacked in self defence. She eats large amount of food which include hay, fodder, grass, grains and other eatable things.

Cow is a successful domestic animal which people kept at home for many purposes. She gives milk which makes a person healthy. Cow milk is full of nutrition and used for different purposes. In Hindu tradition, it is believed that Gau Dan is the biggest dan in the world.


Cow is very useful animal. It gives us milk as the most nutritious food. By using its milk we can prepare many eatable, healthy and tasty dishes. It has its economical use also. By selling its milk and other dairy products (like butter, gee, cheese, khoya, etc), a person can earn money and can be able to fulfil his/her needs. Even Gau-Muttra is used as a medicine. Co-dung is used as a fuel to make fire. Her baby male calf becomes an ox which is very helpful to the farmers. After her death, her skin is used to make leather things such as shoes, bags, belt, etc. By using her bones, we can make many ornaments. So, it can be said that every part of her body is useful to us.

Properties of Cow Milk:

In a Sanskrit sloke, the properties of Cow milk has defined as:

Svadu sitayam mrdu snigdham bhlam slakhshnapicchilam.

Guru mandam prasannam ca gavyam dasagunam payah.

These ten main properties are given below:

  • Swadhu means Sweetness.
  • Sitayam means cold.
  • Mrudu means Soft.
  • Snigdha means Oily.
  • Bahala means Thick.
  • Shlakshna means Smothness.
  • Picchila means Slimeness or stickiness.
  • Guru means Heavy.
  • Manda means slowness.
  • Prasanna means Calming or clarity.

Benefits of Cow Milk:

There is no doubt that cow is a very gentle and useful animal. Everything is beneficial to us which is related to cow. There are some benefits to drink Cow milk given below:

  • Coolant effect on our mind and body.
  • Increases immunity power of the body which is known as ‘Ojas’.
  • Increases life expectancy of humans.
  • Improves intelligence, strength and memory of mind.
  • Increases breast milk secretion in the feeding mother.
  • Useful in diseases like severe debility, bleeding disorder as heavy menstrual bleeding or nasal bleeding, relieving stage of fever, etc.
  • A rich source of calcium and potassium.
  • Used for anti ageing.
  • Helpful in protecting the colon cells from the chemicals that cause cancer.
  • Helpful in oxidation of body’s fat which decreases the secretion of parathyroid hormone.
  • Contains high quality protein and iodine in rich quantity.
  • Helpful in fighting against gout.
  • Contains riboflavin (B2), vitamin B12 and vitamin A.

Religious Significance of Cow:

To the Hindus, the cow is symbolized as their mother. She represents life and the sustenance of life. She is the symbol of grace and abundance. She is also called as Kamadhenu which fulfil all the wishes of human beings. It is also considered that Cow killers and cow beef eaters are condemned to rot in hell for as many thousands of years as there are for each hair on the body of every cow they eat from. In Indian scriptural, so many things are said about the importance of cow such as:

In Rig Veda (verse 4.28.1), it is said that, “the cows have come and brought us good fortune. In our stalls, contented, may the stay! May they bring forth claves for us, many coloured, giving milk for Indra each day. You make o cows, the thin man sleek; to the unlovely you bring beauty. Rejoice our homestead with pleasant lowing. In our assemblies we laud your vigour”.

In this verse, Lord Krishna had revealed (in Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata) about cows that she is manifested as the Kamadhenu (the original wish fulfilling cows) and known as the Surabhi cows. He revealed about who and what are the Surabhi cows and how the Surabhi cows attained such an elevated and exalted position that they are able to represent a portion of energy of the supreme.


Cow is gentle and calm loving animal. She is very useful to human beings in many ways. So we should not ignore and kill her. We should give her good quality food to eat. We should respect and take care of her.

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