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Coursework Thesaurus Word

Bedwas High School's assistant headteacher Tom Stancombe told the hearing that the pupils' coursework accounted for 60% of their final GCSE grade, yet the projects of 21 pupils were not submitted.

Teacher accused of faking pupils' GCSE coursework

TAOPED is for busy professionals who want an effortless way to store the continuing education credits they earn from their professional coursework, stay on track with their credential or license renewal requirements, and analyze the ways they earn their continuing education credits, regardless of provider, venue, topic, field, or credential.

Introducing TAOPED, The Premier Provider of Continuing Education Tracking, Storage, and Analysis

Mr Oldham admitted that he did not submit marks and coursework in accordance with the science department deadline of May 5 2008, "thereby adversely affecting the efficient internal moderation of said marks and/or coursework".


At the same time coursework counting towards final marks is being cut and reformed to tackle the risk of plagiarism and "assistance from relatives" WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) assistant director Arthur Parker said.

New GCSEs on way as records broken again

Вот тут-то вы и рассмотрели его кольцо. Глаза Клушара расширились. - Так полицейский сказал вам, что это я взял кольцо.

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