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Tongue In Cheek Satire Essays

The design community doesn't seem to like Donald Trump very much. With just two weeks until the US presidential election, here are five products and proposals influenced by the Republican Party candidate.

The Prison-Wall by Estudio 3.14

One of the most controversial proposals that real-estate mogul Trump has put forward during his campaign is the intention to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Mexican architecture firm Estudio 3.14 decided to visualise the "gorgeous perversity" of this idea, and created renderings of a bright pink barrier influenced by the work of legendary architect Luis Barragán.

"Because the wall has to be beautiful, it has been inspired in by Luis Barragán's pink walls that are emblematic of Mexico," said the studio. "It also takes advantage of the tradition in architecture of megalomaniac wall building."

Find out more about The Prison-Wall ›

Pins Won't Save the World by Sagmeister & Walsh

New York design studio Sagmeister & Walsh have created 40 pins that protest Trump and encourage young voters to support his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, on 8 November 2016.

The tongue-in-cheek graphics – which have also been transferred onto T-shirts, posters and stickers – depict Trump as a clown, a baby, a poo and more.

"We can't let a racist, misogynistic, homophobic man become president of the United States," said the studio. "We want everyone to be able to wear their heart (and politics) on their sleeves (or bags and jackets), so merchandise will be priced low."

Tiny Hand typeface by Mark Davis

Trump's distinctive handwritten scrawl has been turned into a freely available typeface by BuzzFeed designer Mark Davis.

Mimicking Trump's penchant for annotating articles with derogatory comments, Davis also mocked up a version of a Dezeen page to demonstrate.

"Trump's notes, written to friends and enemies alike, were almost always written at an angle, scrawled on top of printouts of articles from the internet," said Davis. "I was struck both by the peculiar delivery of the notes, but also by the idiosyncratic way Trump writes the alphabet."

Find out more about Tiny Hand typeface ›

Revenge of the Mexican – The DIY Donald Trump Piñata by Caty Aguilera

Also responding to Trump's comments about Mexicans, Swedish designer Caty Aguilera has produced a piñata – a traditional decorated figure in Mexico that is beaten until it breaks open – so any offended parties can take out their frustrations.

"Astonished and appalled about so many things, the racism, the ignorance – and the fact that people would support Donald Trump as an actual president – made me want to counter act," said Aguilera. "I wanted to come up with a designed based response to what I was hearing and feeling."

The paper piñata, illustrated to look like Trump dressed in a nappy, is folded from five pieces and suspended from the ceiling so people can "hit him in a festive manner".

Trump Cushion by Mr Bingo

Playing on the fact that trump means "fart" in the UK, this whoopee cushion is emblazoned with an illustration of the Republican candidate's face.

The Trump Cushion was conceived by a collective of London-based creatives and illustrated by Mr Bingo, to "raise awareness of the ridiculousness of Trump’s politics".

"Having taken much flak for his inflated sense of self, this time the hot air can only be a positive thing, with all proceeds going directly to charity," said the team.

WHO: Director Ben Wheatley and a cast that includes Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, and Sharlto Copley.

WHY WE CARE: The promising concept of Free Fire is that the entire runtime concentrates on one epic warehouse shoot-out during an underground arms deal. The problem, however, at least from the looks of the first trailer, is that in the midst of highly stylized, ’70s-set carnage, all this gunfighting is portrayed with detached glibness. Quentin Tarantino and Shane Black can wring laughs out of flesh wounds and killshots when they dole out their dark humor in the right dosage, but in this movie the jokey violence looks scattershot. “A key pleasure of Free Fire is the wisecracking back-and-forth between characters who aim to wound each other with words as well as bullets, literally adding insult to injury,” says Hollywood Reporter in a mixed review. What that amounts to in the trailer, though, is people on the same side shooting each other in the shoulder or leg as, like, an argumentative point. Bullets have never felt lighter or less consequential, and at a time when that just may not be the right message to impart on viewers.


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