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Webassign Homework Answers Chemistry

CHEM 1201/1202 Quiz/Homework Bonus Points – Electronic Submissions Your online homework will be viewed and turned in using an internet web site called WebAssign. You will be given up to 4 attempts to get homework problems right, you can submit individual problems from these for credit, and only the last attempt counts. Quizzes may be attempted only once and you have to work the entire assignment before you can submit it. Each student's work will be slightly different, be sure to log on yourself – not just borrow someone else's assignment to work the problems. Suggested Plan : First, print off a copy of the quiz/homework assignment. Read the textbook sections describing how to solve similar kinds of problems. Work similar problems from the online Practice Quizzes. When you understand how to work all of the quiz problems work the hardcopy of the assignment and then submit your answers online. You should keep a copy of your work. If after several tries, you can't seem to solve the problems on the practice quiz get help! You can see me or go to the


Online Homework

for Chemistry 2A

All students must enroll for the Webassign online homework.  You may sign up for temperary access for free for a few weeks to see if you get into the class.  After this time you must pay to keep the assignments if you intend on continuing in the class.  To enroll, click on the red WebAssign above to get to their main web page.  Click on Login in the upper right corner.  Click on the gold key below the login fields and, for the Spring 2018, use the class key bakersfield 0253 0062 for all sections (CRNS 30873 and 30874).  This will allow you to get a password and user name.  You may get your personal passcode with your text book if you buy the custom BC textbook from the BC Bookstore or Cengage Publishing using the ISBN number from the syllabus.  Otherwise, with your password and user name you will be able to purchase an Access code on the internet.  You can also purchase an Access Code by calling (800) 354-9706.  See the link in the bottom right corner of their main webpage.  You have 14 days for a refund.  Thereafter you can access the login page by clicking on the red WebAssign above and select a homework assignment.

You should read the chapter and work example problems in the chapter and practice problems at the end of the chapter as well as problems in the Power Points and master them before working WebAssign problems.  This is important because you have only two tries for each problem.  Guessing or trial and error are not viable options.  Then, and only then, you may ask me questions during lab discussion time, office hours or other times I may be available.  I will not answer questions the day before the homework is due.  After all of this you may use the following procedure to resolve problems with WebAssign.

After the online homework is due, you can view your homework and the answer key.  This is done by going to below the list of current assignments and click on past assignments.  After clicking on the desired assignment you can go to the third box down from the top and click the view key button.  Then a green box with a yellow key inside will be by the correct answers to the problems and you can review those you missed.

WebAssign is grading me incorrectly. What should I do?

Refer to Student Support link located in the upper right corner of the WebAssign site.  This link answers many questions.  Contact WebAssign using the online form. Provide details including your username, full name, class and section, the name of the assignment, and the question numbers or problem numbers that are incorrectly graded. We'll research the problem and get back to you with a resolution.  If that does not work, you must submit a printout of the problem with your correct answer and with WebAssign marking it wrong to me before the due date and time to get credit.  Be sure to include your name and section.

You are responsible to complete the homework and submit it properly on time.  I recommend that you do it well in advance so that you can solve technical difficulties prior to the due date and time.  All technical problems with Webassign should be address to Webassign and NOT the instructor.  If you have problems you can click on the Student Support Link in the upper right corner of their main web page.  No paper copies of homework will be accepted except for the condition explained in red above.

If you are having trouble with the Lewis Dot Structures in Chapter 12 homework you may correct it using the following instructions from a Webassign Technician:

If you are experiencing the issue of Marvin Sketch not loading, and you are stuck on the " loading applet" screen then please read and follow the directions below; Marvin Sketch will not work in Google Chrome. If you are using that browser, switch to another one. If you have an older version of java and a more current browser or operating system, Marvin Sketch may not work. If so, follow these instructions as follows;

1) Access your control panel
2) Selet programs or Other control panel options
3) Open java
4) On the General tab, click " settings"
5) Select "delete files"
6) Verify settings
7) click "ok"

Try Marvin Sketch again.  If this still does not work, then go to www.java.com and download the latest version of Java. After the download has finished, then close browser and restart your computer.



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