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Science Has Gone Too Far Argumentative Essay

  • Our world is too developed

    When you're ill you go to the hospital. Technology helped us create medicine that makes us better. But what happens when we become immune to these medications? Take a victim of the dreadful MRSA, their body is immune to so many drugs. But it happens with simple drugs, we rely on 'paracetamol' when we're ill. But the time will come when paracetamol isn't strong enough for us. This isn't us being a drug addict but simply that technology is way to advanced and if it weren't advanced then paracetamol would be taken for severe headaches not minor things and we wouldn't be destroying our bodies with dangerous drugs.

  • Cloning, WMDs, Chemical Warfare amd Neanderthals as babies

    I firmly believe that science is primarily good. But how long until someone decides then effect human and all defective humans get wiped out? The most dangerous weapon is ourselves. We have weapons of mass destructions that could kill us in one hour. How long until another psycho decides that they don't like someone and uses weapons given us by science to kill off millions again. There's a professor at Harvard University that is asking for a surrogate mother for a Neaderthal to be born. What is the point in that? How does that serve humanity? What if something in cloning goes horribly wrong and someone get made and they can only live in pain? How long until all clones are enslaved to be slaves of science and aren't given a life of their own? I'm scared for our future, why aren't you?

  • Technology is replacing humanity.

    I think that eventually the world will have so much technology that humans as a whole wouldn't be needed on Earth. The programs will get so high-tech they will realize how in-advanced we are. It has been 15 years sense 2000. We have gone so far that it's time to slow down. Shouldn't we focus on humanity and less on growing new humans? One day a program will start exterminating the human race after it realizes how stupid and careless we are. If we just brought other parts of the world into the same up-to-date state as America thinks it is, then maybe we could have the supplies needed to create the "internet of things". Maybe.

  • Science has done a lot of bad things

    Sure, there are a lot of good things science has done. But look at many of the other things. Take pesticides. Pesticides have made the food industry better, but they are bad for humans and animals. They poison humans and other animals that eat them. They can also get on animals and poison them.
    Or stem cell research. It could help us cure diseases like cancer (maybe) but its usually performed on aborted babies.
    Lastly, look at animal testing. 50-100 million animals die every year due to animal testing for medicines alone. It has helped, but not only does it kill animals but it is also unreliable. In addition to these points, there are also alternatives.

  • Yes science can go to far!!

    It can go to far because if it gets in the wrong hands it can backfire and it is mainly being wasted on weaponry and robots/etc. Many people think that weaponry and robots are good for human kind but its not because it can reflect on many bad things in life.

  • Science can lie.

    There are reasons to believe that scientists make things up, especially when they don't know how to answer something. They can take real evidence and twist the wording around to explain something that is really unexplained otherwise. Religion does the exact same thing, except without the facts to back it up. The only reason science is believable is because it is so trust able.

  • Can't get enough

    Humans in general can't get enough of a good thing. We have to always go to far until that good thing ends up becoming something terrible. Give the robots for example. Even in the futuristic movies the good guys are always fighting off the inventions that have gone too far. IRobot, Spiderman, etc. Even our corrupt media knows it's true.

  • Too Advanced For Our Own Good

    Fancy phones are only a minor issue. Immortality? Uploading your consciousness into a robot body permanently? Weapons of mass destruction? It saddens me that there's so many people who want this so badly.

    Humanity is a species that is determined to cause destruction across the world and the cosmos. And for what? Simply because they can't accept their simple existence and be happy with what they have.

    I'm in support of science when it comes to medicine, but it's all turning into mad science and idiots all over are supporting it.

    Humans are trying to fill a void and it's an insatiable void at that. One that will lead to our eventual destruction. So they want to fill that void with any mad idea that come about via science.

    Humanity's brain is going to be the one to ultimately end us. We're tampering with things that shouldn't be touched.

  • Weapons, Hitler, People.

    Science, in the right hands, can be very beneficial and beautiful. But keep in mind that that progress is in every bodies hands, this includes very, very, VERY bad people. Nuclear warfare, guns, spying, most of the science used today (key word MOST) is used on pointless trinkets and weaponry. Science is good, but is being wasted. It should be used beside religion in beautiful harmony, used to benefit all the good people on this planet. Instead we use it as bullets in both arguments and actual guns. How long until another Hitler comes along, with big guns and a heavy blood lust? People claim that religion is holding society down from scientific progression. The sad part about today is that can be interpreted as both good and bad with what we use it for.

  • We are too advanced for our own good

    Right now we have the ability to clone humans, make robots and destroy the world with one click of a button. Just because we have laws preventing these things from happening doesn't mean that everyone will follow them or these laws will be lifted in future. We are still trying to find ways to live longer or even forever by experimenting with pretty much everything we see. There may be bonuses but how long before technology gets so high that it is on the same level as us? Right now we are developing computers that have living cells that are used as memory and the computer can tell when it needs more memory and then grows more. What's to say it doesn't start to develop and become more intelligent. We think it is good to have weapons that could wipe out all human life and many people would use these weapons for power or their own cause and we are still developing these weapons and are trying to make them more powerful.

    Therefore in conclusion, even though science helps to save lives and entertain us, our weapons and technology is advancing too fast and could soon backfire and has done, such as when they set off the atomic bombs many people are still affected by the poisonous gases and radiation let off by the explosion.

  • Has Genetic Science Gone Too Far? - Science Essay Example

    Has genetic science gone too far? - Has Genetic Science Gone Too Far? introduction?? Nowadays life with the help of genetic science is much easier than in the past. But is genetics really harmless and can help us or is it now already harmful? The way I see it, life in the future will be unpleasant because of the genetic science and its progress. Firstly, moving forward far too fast in genetic science can cause many troubles. Scientists should immediately stop and first think about consequences. They have to consider whether their experiments will benefit mankind or not before it is too late.

    Furthermore, changing the way things happen naturally poses many risks. It is dangerous to work against nature because soon the nature will somehow revenge upon us. Last but not least, this science is frightening. This is especially true when it concerns human life. It would be inconceivable, if scientist find a way and create human beings in a completely artificial way. On the other hand, some people argue that genetic science is necessary because there are many good medical reasons for experimenting with it and that it is the key to solving the world’s famine problems.


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    This is partly true because it may help to save the lives of millions of people. They do not consider, however, that genetic science can make more difficulties than salvations. All in all, genetic science should, in my view, only be used for basic needs in our life. It is good to search for ways to improve our lives but first we have to think about all consequences that come with benefits. Sara Tekavec, 3. b

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